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Of my 12 books, including texts signed by me or produced as a ghost writer, my favorite one - about the future of our technological civilization, of our species and of the Universe - is FUTURE WORLDS. A tour among the possible scenarios (SciBooks Editions, 400 pp., 72 figg.).

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The argument of the book:
All of us, every day, try to somehow predict the future. Most people, however, are interested only in their personal future passing, or in the immediate future. Only a few individuals go further, taking care of the problems affecting the other inhabitants of the planet and not only the short-term future. Today, having a global perspective, forecast the long term future of the society and of the world is not for the current 'Homo technologicus' only a way of satisfying the innate curiosity, but now more than ever, is primarily an exercise useful for survival. In these years, indeed, we are in a crisis of 'intelligibility', which has created a deep gap between what we understand and the means necessary for conceptual understanding, due to the different growth rates between technology and culture. The book then talks about the future of the current state of things on our planet, placing the subject in a gradually wider prospective, focussing on the future of technological civilization, on that of Homo sapiens, the planet Earth, the Galaxy and, finally, of the Universe.

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A collection of interviews-biographies to known figures in the science world (2 vols.): PROFESSION SCIENTIST. Selected interviews to celebrities
(SciBooks Editions, 196 + 192 pp.).

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The cover of SEEKING FOR ET: The search for intelligent life in space (Avverbi, 352 pp., 66 figg.), with a preface by astronomer Margherita Hack.

Read the review by L. Anselmo

The argument of the book:

SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) is an acronym, become ever more familiar to the general public, with which scientists indicate any experiment aimed at exploring possible intelligent beings in the depths of the universe. This is a true "alien hunting", which started in 1960 with the astronomer Frank Drake, and saw involved some of the world's largest radiotelescopes, which should now be joined by a large array of radiotelescopes and optical small amateur instruments. But what kind of signals are we looking for? How many possibilities are there to reveal something? And if one day the expected signal was captured, what should we do? In the early chapters, the book addresses these and other issues related the search for potential technological civilizations in the Milky Way or in external galaxies. In later chapters seeking for intelligent life is placed in a broader context: research into the universe of living forms far simpler or more "exotic" than the one example of life that we evolved, the species Homo sapiens to which we belong. The result is a thorough overview of the current state of scientific knowledge, in an attempt to find an answer - which is also the most objective as possible - to one of life's biggest questions: are we alone?

See the index or some chapters.

The cover of my first book, entitled INTERSTELLAR TRAVELS: The Adventure of the universe between reality and fiction (CUEN, Naples, 120 pp.).

The book can be ordered and purchased online through the site Internet Bookshop Italia (IBS).

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