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Mario Menichella, astrophysicist, writer and futurologist, former publisher of educational books with the publishing company he founded, SciBooks, organizer of events and shows of popular science, since more than 10 years deals with global problems of our civilization and communicates science to the general public. Recently, he has expanded its activities to many other areas.
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He studied physics and astronomy at the Universities of Pisa and Florence, where he graduated in 1995. After a two-year course, he achieved in 1997, with the final score of 30/30, the title of Master of Science in Communication at the International School for Advanced Studies (ISAS), in Trieste.

He worked as a press officer at the Communications Office of the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN), for which he designed and produced the show Physics on Wheels. In 2006 he created WOW-Science, a mobile laboratory of science funny and interesting for audiences of all ages, and since 2008 is press officer of Ludoteca Scientifica, a science center of the University of Pisa.

His activity in the field of Communication Science has covered in the last ten years almost every area: corporate communications, multimedia and online communication, editorial communication. Now, he is external consultant for initiatives related to science communication, in addition to give public lectures (see here) on various popular topics.

He is author of numerous books and essays, including: Interstellar Travels (CUEN, 1999), Seeking for E.T. (Avverbi, 2002), Future Worlds (SciBooks, 2005), Profession Scientist I and II (SciBooks 2005), Profession Physician (SciBooks, 2006), Profession Divulger (SciBooks, 2007).

His main research and study focused on two main
interdisciplinary areas in which he provided original contributes: the future and the end of our technological civilization due to the Man (Future World) and to God, and the search for life and intelligence in the cosmos (Seeking for E.T.). He also dealt with the peak oil and other issues.

Since several years he manages and coordinates a small team of independent professionals, selected in Italy, which provide counseling and other services to businesses: in particular, multilanguage linguistic services, business consulting (import-export, communications & promotion, etc.), and counseling in the new field of renewable energies.

Mario Menichella


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