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In addition to writing and publishing books, Mario Menichella organizes funny shows of various type and many other events involving the popularization of science (with the possibility of interaction and/or exciting experiments with the public) at the public or private parties requesting them.

To realize these amazing events he make use of complementary skills furnished by a team of brilliant professional divulgers, as well as of his extensive network of contacts in the scientific world when it is necessary to involve scientists.

Here are some of the events organized:

WOW-Science: A mobile laboratory with some simple but spectacular experiences in physics, biology, chemistry, electronics and so on, with the participation of the public (adults, teens and children). It is the evolution of a famous show co-created and arranged by myself for the INFN.
For more info: www.sbalordiscienza.it.

Electrifying Evenings: Some simple experiments "electrifying" to amuse the audience, made using of different equipment with scenic effects guaranteed. The public can personally participate to the experiments presented in the show. Unforgettable and a must for adults, teens and children.

Science Orientering: Initiatives directed mainly to high school students to tell them the most recent discoveries in the various fields of science, to create curiosity about the world of research and, more importantly, to guide young people to the increasingly difficult choice of a university faculty.
For more info:

Science Cafès: Cafès create a friendly atmosphere that puts people at ease and is suitable for discussion of science. These are public debates on important social, political and economic issues: a relaxing opportunity for a good conversation.
For more info:

Multimedia Lectures: Public lectures on scientific "hot" topics and/or intersting for itself, showing the spectacular aspect of the subject matter. In the end, the public, which has the impression of being inside a TV broadcast, is directly involved in the debate with questions and answers.

Music and Science: Live shows with a scientific, a musical and a visual part consisting of a series of pictures, photographs or illustrations. All this is combined  together according demands. The artistic and musical material is completely original.

Evenings under the Stars: Outdoor guided evocative evening for observation at the telescope of the most fascinating objects in the sky: Moon, Jupiter and its satellites, planets, stars, constellations and whatever is visible at that time of the year. Joinable with lectures and slide shows.

For more information about possible changes and "customizations" of the offer, please contact Mario Menichella calling number +39-050-541772 or +39-339-5436132, or write to
: menich@tin.it.

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