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1 - The main possibilities
       Introduction and general information
       Route California-Florida-New York
       Route Great National Parks                                 
       Travel coast-to-coast

2 - California-Florida-NewYork
       Program overview
       Why start at the beginning of June
       Bonus to be taken... at the fly
       Travel guides and maps

3 - Route West Coast
       Discovering San Francisco
       Yosemite National Park
       From Monterey to Santa Barbara 
     Los Angeles and around

4 - Route East Coast
       From Miami to Key West
       Along the cpast of Florida
       Orlando and the great parks
       New York, the "Big Apple"

Il Golden Gate di San Francisco.

1- The main possibilities 

Introduction and General information.  Introduction and general information. This site describes a possible trip on the road in the United States, that made noleggiandoUn curious passage in a park in California. normally charge a car and in motels, that there be equivalent to our hotel 3-4 star. The trip here proposed, based on a real experience of the author dating back to June 2000, is far cheaper than you might rely on the agencies, because the cost is about 1 / 3 a stay of equal duration presented at a any tourist brochure. Also iUn curioso passaggio in un parco californiano.t is a very flexible itinerary, which you can modify and adapt easily to your specific needs. When it comes to travel on the road in the U.S., one always thinks to coast to coast, that is crossing the country by car along the historic Route 66, the highway that cuts horizontally in two United States for almost half of their extension starting from Chicago, Illinois, and ending in Los Angeles, California. But there are actually three routes that allow you to better appreciate the beauty of this wonderful Country:

1-Route California-Florida-New York. E 'as described in detail in this website. Lets see in 3 weeks, 5 major cities and popular tourist areas bordering the U.S. (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, New York) and many of the country's top attractions (amusement parks, national parks, museums, etc. ..) And 'the recommended itinerary for your first visit to the United States. If necessary, one can separate - and perform at different times - the journey on the West Coast (California) from the east coast (Florida, not New York), as both last about 10 days. Following this route you'll want to return to the U.S., perhaps to make one of the remaining two. La Monument Valley, nello stato dello Utah.

2-Route Great National Parks. It's a route that allows you to better appreciate the genuine "cathedrals" of the United States are the national parks - many of which are concentrated in relatively narrow area of the country - and to visit various villages typical of the old west and the city modern and rich in life such as Las Vegas. The itinerary, always 3 weeks, includes several parks, including: the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Rocky Mountain, Grand Tetons and Yellowstone inevitable. Many also visited the cities, from Durango to Salt Lake City, Las Vegas to Denver. In short, this is an ideal route to deepen their knowledge of the United States.

3-Travel coast-to-coast. It's the classic route through the United States along the legendary Route 66 that did mention earlier. You can of course imagine detours along the route or routes coast-to-coast alternative, maybe not from Chicago but actually starting from the east coast of the country. Allows you to appreciate some states that escape routes prior to the players and feel almost a legend. I recommend it as a third route, but I'm sure someone will prefer to start from this fact. A group of Italians has recently done aboard two old Fiat 500. Personally, though, I much prefer the two previous routes.

2- California-Florida-New York

Program overvieUn'immagine di New York prima dell'attentato alle Torri Gemelle.w. The following is the general organization on route 1. As you can see, there are three types of attractions making the holiday very enjoyable and far from flat: large metropolitan areas (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, etc..), parks and museums (Yosemite, Disney World / Epcot, Sea World, Kennedy Space Center, etc..), the small towns more or less features (Bodie, Monterey, Santa Barbara, Key West, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, etc.).. One of the reasons stated in the order of visit of the route is that from the standpoint of crime and, especially, traffic San Francisco is one of the most quiet, but it is certainly more than even New York and Florida : so is the ideal place to start driving in the United States, considering also that the next stop is the Yosemite National Park, situated in the quiet interior of California. Moreover, it avoids the potentially crowded places on weekends and uses the car on Sunday to visit Los Angeles, avoiding the usual traffic. The tour is also designed so that if one is "in advance" about the program, we may transfer to the next stage since the morning, earning a day. Finally, it was designed that one or more days of isolated storms here and there, or any delays due to unforeseen by car in any case not deteriorate too much travel. 

1) SAT:   Departure for San Francisco from Europe in the morning

2) SUN:   SAN FRANCISCO  (City center)
3) MON:    SAN FRANCISCO  (Exploratorium)
4) TUE:   Route YOSEMITE
5) WED:   Route YOSEMITE
6) THU:    Route YOSEMITE
7) FRI:   Transfer by car towards LOS ANGELES 
8) SAT:    LOS ANGELES  (Around)
9) SUN:   LOS ANGELES  (City center)
10) MON:   LOS ANGELES  (Universal Studios)
11) TUE:  Transfer by airplane towards MIAMI in the morning
12) WED:  MIAMI  (Key West)Una cartina molto semplificata della Florida.
13) THU:   MIAMI  (Miami Beach)
14) FRI:   MIAMI  (City center)
15) SAT:  Transfer by car towards ORLANDO
16) SUN:  ORLANDO  (SeaWorld)
17) MON:   ORLANDO  (Disney World/Epcot)
18) TUE:  ORLANDO   (Kennedy Space Center)
19) WED:  Transfer by airplane towards NEW YORK in the morning
20) THU:   NEW YORK  (Manhattan)
21) FRI:   NEW YORK  (Queens and Brooklyn)
22) SAT:   Departure from USA (New York) in the afternoon 
23) SUN:  Arrive at home in Europe in the afternoon local time

Why start at the beginning of June. My journey began Saturday, May 27, 2000 and ended Sunday, June 18, 2000. I suggest that you made at the same time, ie in the first half of June. The reasons are manifold, but the two main ones are the ideal weather on both coasts of the U.S. and that it is low season (fewer files in the parks, very low prices, etc.).. We start from the first point. The climate varies widely from Una tipica spiaggia delle isole Keys, in Florida.coast to coast of the United States and we must gain a clear picture before making the journey on the Internet to find the "serious" historical temperatures as typing keywords that interest you the location followed by "historical temperature time series ", or similar. To move from our Farenhait degrees Celsius, use the following formula: = ° Celsius (degrees Farenhait - 32) x 5 / 9. In general, one can say that on the west coast the climate is like and "in sync" with the Italian one (keep in mind that, at 19 ° C, in Italy we go round again in a long-sleeved shirt). Very different is the discourse on the east coast, particularly in Florida, where summer is the hurricane season (with temperatures still very high) and the winter is a season with a very mild climate, which attracts local nabobs who want a place to "hibernate". The first half of June is the perfect time to find a climate almost summer in California and New York, and definitely summer in Florida. Not recommend to begin the first voyage of 26-28 May as some of the roads of Yosemite Park and its surroundings, which are the highlight of that route may still be closed for snow, while delaying the end of their stay beyond mid-June in Florida is to fall the hurricane season. As for the benefits of off-season, aside from the obvious effect on prices, it should be noted that on visits to amusement parks, nature parks and museums: it is not advisable, in particular, visit the amusement parks in high season, because at Because of overcrowding at all are unable to visit the park for a single integer in a single day, and this is very frustrating, but it is possible in low season.

Bonus to be taken... at the fly. There is an even more important, that I discovered with travel to begin its journey from the west coast of the United States. The plane of British Airways from London arrived in San Francisco makes a route that leads toLa Groenlandia come appare vista da bordo di un aereo. overflights of Greenland. This land is covered entirely of ice, which can be visited only thus, indirectly, from a show indescribable show (bring on board the sunglasses, but otherwise not be able to resist the ice reflects light beam), which is alone almost the price of the ticket. Unfortunately, direct flights to New York or Florida will lose this unique show, which should be common to all aircraft flying to San Francisco departing from London (perhaps other direct flights to California or the United States spend on central Greenland but not in a position to know). In addition to on board many aircraft today exists on the television monitor staff a special channel devoted entirely to describing what is visible through the window with the map displayed at different zoom levels, and the details of flight ' air continually updated almost in real time. For example, after overflights of Greenland and Canada, but before you see around San Francisco, you can admire the mountains and lakes of the Sierra Nevada north of Yosemite park. The aircraft offers an entirely different perspective from that sight then traveling by land and without this channel showing the places overflown you can not identify what is seen from aboard. Of course, to be able to enjoy this show, do remember to check in very early - at least a couple of hours before departure - in order to request a window seat (ask explicitly that panoramic view, because if one happens in one seat over the wing of the plane is "fried"...).

Travel guides and maps. The itinerary on this site was planned - and then in person - using a variety of tourist guides in Italian, some of the detailed maps and a certain amount of material found on the Internet. Order to plan in detail "your" itinerary will be enough, however, buy the two guides far better on California and Florida, respectively, which are called "California" and "Florida", both published by Mondadori. As the title entirely general and the editor unfortunately does not identify uniquely tMappe e cartine, indispensabile ausilio di un viaggio on the road.his guide in any research library, I add that they are translating the guide of the Dorling Kindersley Book, and which are the only guides, as far as I know, that give a vision of "three dimensional", in relief, neighborhoods or areas more attractive. They have pages and summaries of the drawings that can be defined as "superlative", which can not fail to notice when you browse even faster. They differ, unfortunately for the weight, because the weight of the paper is very high: this is their only sin, since it proves useful have them with him during the trip. As for the maps, however, you are strongly advised to use and carry around two - very detailed - the California and Florida published by Hallwag, available from main libraries. For some specific routes, such as visiting the City of New York, Yosemite and more can be very useful to integrate the paper material with what is found in abundance, with a little 'research on the web, using engines Powerful search as, what advice indeed. In this site are provided only a few external links, given the impossibility of taking into account the continuous changes of sea of the Internet.

3- Route West CoastLe cable car, i caratteristici tram di San Francisco.

Discovery of San Francisco. The first part of the trip includes a visit to the wonderful city of San Francisco, mainly by foot (and in part by public transport, but not with the famous and beloved tram funicular, or cable-car, used only by tourists and at most one-off). San Francisco should not miss the Fisherman's Wharf, a pier very attractive and popular in the evening, and in particular its Pier 39, to visit the nearby elegant and Ghirardelli Square. Certainly be made a walking tour of Victorian houses of Pacific Heights neighborhood, close to Chinatown and the areas beautiful Civic Center / Japantown, a visit to Coit Tower and a panoramic tour of the Financial District (in particular, Transamerica Pyramid and Embarcadero Center shopping center). San Francisco, from a scientific perspective, it offers the Exploratorium, an interactive museum unique in the world of its kind in the beautiful park of the Palace of Fine Arts where you can admire the famous Golden Gate Bridge. The visit dell'Exploratorium requires a half day, but please note that U.S. museums have typically 10-17 hours, and only just a bit 'longer in summer. For those who like science or have children is well worth a visit even the California Academy of Sciences (Museum of well-kept, which also includes an aquarium), which allows you to admire the beautiful park that hosts with small lakes and oriental gardens . The car can be rented when the part to Yosemite, avoiding driving in the city. Driving in California, particularly in the settentriomale State is easy: the roads are "extra-large, very few cars, signage perfect, the traffic is much respected by the people, and the views of the proposed itinerary are superlatives . Now, a possible detailed itinerary for your day stay in San Francisco:

1) SATURDAY. Departure in the morning from Italy and arrived in San Francisco at around 16 PM local. Transfer to downtown (as it is called the city center), where is the motel. There you can go by shuttle or bus: 35 minutes or 1 hour by bus 7F and 7B, if you take the bus to reach the motel chosen must take a walk. Go to sleep as late as possible, say to 18/20 (equivalent at 3 / 5 at night Italian) to retrieve the time zone with 11/13 hours of sleep. Overnight in a modern motel in the city center, located at the top of this.
2) SUNDAY. Wake up 7:00 am. Whole day devoted to a quick tour of the city of San Francisco, which in June or September, you can take a walking distance. There are four areas that are recommended to visit: (1) District Civic Center / Japantown, where you can see, among other things, the Town Hall or City Hall, and the lovely Japanese pagoda. (2) walking tour of the parks and Victorian houses of Pacific Heights neighborhood, and pointed to the park fast Lafayette Park. (3) In the afternoon visit the famous Exploratorium, considered the most important and beautiful interactive science museum in the worCase vittoriane a Pacific Height.ld (10-17 hours or 18 tickets $ 10, 3601 Lyon St, located west of the Marina district). (4) In the second afternoon around the elegant Ghirardelli Square, dall'Exploratorium reached with a walk along the coast, and unmissable evening walk to Fisherman's Wharf with shopping at the stores of Pier 39. Overnight at the motel in the city center.

3) MONDAY.  Wake up 7:00 am. Second part of the visit to the city of San Francisco. Three areas to visit. (1) Walk for the Financial District, the Financial District in major American cities, particularly in the area of the singular Transamerica Pyramid skyscraper, a symbol of the city, and the modern Embarcadero Center, a shopping center with a rooftop terrace. (2) Walk around the traditional streets of Chinatown, the Chinese quarter in my opinion more beautiful than the U.S., and Nob Hill. (3) Descent to the coast through the steps of scenic North Beach with a panoramic tour of Coit Tower, another symbol of the city and on which you can get paid, not far from the pier, Pier 39 (where you can possibly visit the aquarium Submarine Underwater World, which is open until 21 and costs $ 15, and the museum of oddities Ripley's Believe It or Not, 175 Jefferson St., open until 22). Learn about the weather forecast for Yosemite. Overnight at the motel in the city center.

Yosemite National Park. The journey continues with a wonderful itinerary that includes a visit to Yosemite National Park, Mono Lake and the nearby Lake of the Bodie ghost town. Yosemite N.P. (roughly 3-4 hours' drive east of San Francisco) is in my opinion the most beautiful park in California and one of the most beautiful of the United States, because it brings together in one place not too large to giant sequoias ( which are the only attraction at the California Sequoia Park), three of the top 10 waterfalls in the world by height and a myriad of rivers, streams, lUna cascata dello Yosemite NP.akes, plains, mountains. The best time to visit the park is the first half of June, because it is the only time you can admire the falls (the ice is melting at the time) and the park is in its glory (waterfalls to the valley, snow is melting in the high altitude that leads to Bodie). After overcoming a mountain pass, the Tioga Pass, along the road to Bodie is possible to see up close the Mono Lake, the third largest lake saltier than the world's almost lifeless from the shore is seen a landscape unique and unreal , with the spire of rock that emerge here and there by water, whose level has dropped a lot in the last century to feed the city of Los Angeles. Continuing the journey you get to Bodie, which is one of the most famous and perhaps the most evocative, ghost-town of the world: the city was indeed bought by the U.S. government to turn it into a city-museum. Typical small town in the west during the Gold Rush, it remained completely intact, with even the smallest common objects still visible in its houses and shops. Usually the mass tourism, because of the limited time available, does not take into account the Bodie-Mono Lake: in fact, doing so sacrifices the most beautiful and characteristic of this second part of the journey.
4) TUESDAY.  Wake up 7:00 am. Day dedicated to the transfer to Yosemite and a first quick visit it. Before 9:30 hire car at the airport, with full of gasoline. Half an hour is enough to familiarize yourself with the car. Transfer without stopping at the tourist Yosemite National Park (3 ½ hours by car, 380 miles from San Francisco, $ 20 per car and admission pass valid for 7 days). Road journey to reach the Yosemite: Take the 580 E to Tracy, then 205 E to Manteca, then the 99 S to Merced, then the 140 right into the park. At Mariposa you can eat quickly in the local fast-food, and leave the luggage at the hotel booked. Go as soon as possible, although no longer the early afternoon, the park Certainly, at that time the Valley Visitor Center is closed, but at the park entrance you will receive a very useful map for planning a visit to it. Visit scenic drive to Yosemite Valley, which at that lends itself to photographs. The park should not have food in the car (but not chewing gum, cans, soap, toothpaste or even in the trunk), especially after sunset, because they attract bears so that each year destroys a large number of cars and if a bear try to get close, pull against the stones.
5) WEDNESDAY. Wake up 7:00 am. Day devoted entirely to visit Yosemite. The main characteristic points recommended to visit are as follows. (1) In the morning the giant sequoias Wavona, located in the south of the park will be done by leaving the car in a parking lot and you walk in reality, take the train to pay, because the hike is too hard in June and for the most willing, there also have time to see the rest of the park. (2) In the late morning or early afternoon visit to the most basic of the three waterfalls in the park: Yosemite Falls double (divided into Upper and Lower), Vernal Falls and Nevada Falls. This allows you to visit the valley in full view and reach the Visitor Center located at the center of the valley. (3) In the afternoon climb car all'impIl lago Mono Lake.erdibile Glacier Point, where you can admire the entire valley. (4) Any visit, only if time remains, at Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, the source of water that feeds San Francisco, located 40 miles from Yosemite Valley. Upon entering the park, remember to ask whether they are open to the Tioga Pass and Sonora Pass, to go the next day. Overnight stay at the motel in Mariposa.

6) THURSDAY.  Wake up 7:00 am. Day visit to Bodie through the Mono Lake and other fabulous places. Verified that the above mentioned mountain passes are open, along the 39 miles of the Tioga Road through Tuolumne Meadows, vast prairies especially visible on the left side of the road. Further along the road to Tioga Pass will meet on the right some lakes of varying size and color worthy of a photograph. After the Tioga Pass to reach a maximum in the early afternoon the Mono Lake, Lake special, which can be reached easily by car since arriving on shore. Along the road back towards the coast (almost 400 km), visit on the afternoon of Bodie, a ghost town in spectacular style Old West. Then return to Mariposa through the beautiful scenic route that passes through the Sonora Pass, if there is time stopping at Columbia State Historic Park to get an idea of the West, and then passing through Sonora (you can stop to eat) and for Jamestown. Overnight stay at the motel in Mariposa.

From Monterey to Santa Barbara. The third part of the trip includes a visit to some towns and some very beautiful sights that are located on the coast of California between San Francisco and Los Angeles, and the same route by car along the scenic coast road that runs alongside, particularly striking at 'height of Big Sur. This is an itinerary that will allow you to discover more than other sides "hidden" in the ULa costa californiana all'altezza del Big Sur.nited States, not only from the tourism point of view but also lifestyles, allowing them to note the slow but progressive change as from you move north to the south. Among the most beautiful cities that you can not fail to visit with calm and walk are Monterey, where you can also visit the largest and most important aquarium in America and one of the largest in the world, and Santa Barbara, as elegant and cultural city not far from Los Angeles. Everything to enjoy the journey by car called a circular 17-Mile Drive Tour, which departs from Monterey and passes through picturesque places like Peebles Beach and Caramel, and from which you can see among others the famous "lonely cypress (or cypress solitary, the American equivalent of the pine tree that appears in the postcards of the city of Naples). It can not fail, finally, a visit all'Hearst Castle, a luxurious house-museum that belonged to American cinema tycoon William Herst which is located about halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The organization behind the guided tour of this house, located in a sparsely populated area of the coast, it certainly will not fail to surprise you. In short, this is only two days of travel, but once again very intense and full of wonderful things to see.
7) FRIDAY.  Wake up 7:00 am. In the morning, departure from Mariposa and headed for Monterey. Upon arrival, get to the motel booked, which is located in an area in the immediate outskirts of the city. In the morning, quick visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium (time 9,30-18) and center-city. In the afternoon, do the tour by car of 17-Mile Drive, the famous and panoramic coastal road (fee required, cost $ 7.5), which will allow you to achieve a number of points and enchanting spot. Note that the ticket will allow you to perform several times on tour round the same day, which is useful because it can advance the time and also at one point the trail is easy to find out from the tour because of the expected signs ambiguous. Overnight in a motel in Monterey.
8) SATURDAY.  Wake up 7:00 am. Transfer near Los Angeles through the legendary and scenic Pacific Coast "Highway 1. With this road trip to Los Angeles takes up almost 9 hours and 30 calculated without stopping. In reality, as always there may have been brief stop along the route to enjoy the view: in particular, you can admire certain traits in freedom of the seals on the beach. Large visit all'Hearst Castle (zone 8-16), which is located at St. Simeon. Possible visit of the characteristic town of Cambria and then walk for both the pier and for the streets full of shops of Santa Barbara. Overnight in motel in the quiet city of Thousand Oaks, near Los Angeles.

Los Angeles and environs. Los Angeles and environs. The fourth and last part of the route of the West Coast is dedicated to visiting Los Angeles, an American metropolis that extends widely throughout, and is crossed by a myriad of roads and highways with more lanes. The neighborhood of the city far more beautiful and Beverly Hills, home to the town hall, the most exclusive shops (especially on Rodeo Drive) and, above all, the mansions of Hollywood stars. Pamphlets sold in local stores will let you qEsempio di montagne russe, o roller coaster, americane.uickly search for and find the home of your favorite movie star, and if you're lucky - and perhaps happened on a Sunday - you might see some of these famous people on the street. The other essential step, always linked to the cinema is the Sunset Strip in Hollywood / Boulevard, with the Mann's Chinese Theater, where they are imprinted in the cement footprints of some celebrities, and in the adjacent road you can follow on foot the "walk of stars" characterized by a street name, engraved on the floor beside the big star of dozens of celebrities. But Los Angeles is also the beaches, starting from that, famous, Santa Monica, which is also located near the Fisherman's Wharf, the pier with shops. To visit, moreover, the characteristic area of Venice, a kind of "miniature Venice": you can walk quietly in the walking paths between the houses, and seems to get into homes, among others, a most curious' s other. You can then visit the Spartans and economic studies of Paramount Pictures, where you will see some industrial buildings and structures actually used in the production of films, in my opinion, inadvisable or Universal Studios, where you can spend a day among the various attractions, but more similar to those Disneyland that the real set of the Paramount. To see, finally, the Business District, or business district, the beach at Long Beach on the liner Queen Mary, a museum, and maybe even the city of Pasadena and the California Science Center free of charge.
9) SATURDAY.  Wake up 7:00 am. Day dedicated to visiting Los Angeles. In the morning visit to the district of Beverly Hills, with a long car ride from the villas of famous celebrities and beautiful walks in the "Golden Triangle", where is the luxurious Rodeo Drive. In the early afternoon visit to the fabulous beach and the homonymous district of Santa Monica, as well as the nearby Fisherman's Wharf and the waterfront. Following the visit to the foot of the characteristic area of Venice and its beach, where it is usually possible to attend the original street shows for tourists. Overnight in a hotel in downtown.
10) MONDAY.  Wake up 7:00 am. Early in the morning visit to the district of Hollywood (Sunset Strip / Boulevard), in particular the Mann's Chinese Theater with the footprints of the stars and the Walk of Fame or Walk of Stars. Following the visit of Universal Studios (9-19 hours, USD 40 plus a parking 7) or better yet the studies of Paramount. Fastest Lap at Long Beach and visit the ocean liner Queen Mary. Any points in the city of Pasadena. Drop-off airport car rental in Los Angeles. Large evening stroll among the skyscrapers of the downtown Hotel Business District.Pernottamento.

4- Route East Coast

From Miami to Key West. The journey begins on the East Coast from Miami and continues with the exploration of that part of Florida is located south of Miami, until you reach the southernmost point of the United States, the island of Key West, also known for being the birthplace of Ernest Hemingway. After one night in Miami Beach, the most beautiful area near Miami characterized by its art deco style buildings, head tIl centro della città di Miami.o Key West along the scenic Highway "Overseas", which links many of the islands Keys, the latest of which is your Key West. Along the route is almost imperative to stop just before Key Largo at John Pennekamp "Coral Reef State Park, where you can make a fabulous trip on the famous boat with the keel in the mangroves and transparent (if you're lucky) a few small sharks. On the adjacent beach, even without setting foot in the water you are surrounded by colorful fish as if you were inside an aquarium. Other steps recommended in the itinerary will allow you to see dolphins (Dolphin Research Center) and the white beaches (Bahia Honda), before heading across the new bridge 7-mile bridge to the final stage of Key West. Here you will not miss the famous sunset at Mallory Square, and immerse yourself in typically tropical surrounds this place: one of the best ways is to visit the Hemingway house, converted into a museum. If you are interested in coming back from Key West you can include in the itinerary a visit to the important Everglades National Park, a huge swamp where you can see the crocodiles, but unfortunately, mosquitoes. Remember, in Florida, speed limits are enforced in a timely and severe by the police.
11) TUERSDAY.   Wake up 7:00 am. Go to the airport by bus or taxi. Transfer by plane from Los Angeles International Airport in Miami. Arriving in Miami at around 18 local (yield just over 5 hours, plus 3 hour time difference between Florida and California). At the airport, collect your car hire with full of gasoline. Overnight in Miami Beach, so you can easily walk this area. Make sure there are no predictions by hurricanes in sight, especially to islands Keys - Evening walk on foot to Miami Beach, particularly the Art Deco District (which stretches from north to south to 23rd St, and east to west from Ocean Drive to Lenoux Avenue). Traversing the entire Ocean Drive, the famous street full of night life.
12) WEDNESDAY.   Wake up 7:00 am. Transfer panoramic, almost 300 km in all, starting from Miami, the island of Key West, Florida's far south along the stunning islands Keys: Note that it is illegal to park on the bridges that you will find along the road. Course: Florida City take the Overseas Hwy (U.S. 1) to Key West. Recommended the following steps. First stop: a little before going to divert to Key Largo, the John Pennekamp "Coral ReefIl 7-Mile Bridge, con alla sua destra il vecchio ponte in disuso. State Park for a guided tour of the reef by boat keel transparent ($ 4 per car entry, $ 18 for the boat ride 2.5 hours to 9.15, or 12.15 or 15.00). Second stage, at Islamorada: Theater of the Sea "ancient marine park with shows. Third step: Dolphin Research Center, to admire the dolphins. Pigeon Key is seen to be good, and it runs with the new car, and the new bridge is the old 7-Mile Bridge (representing the last mile of U.S. 1). 60 km from Key West, in the Lower Keys, visit the Bahia Honda State Park, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Do not miss the sunset from Mallory Square in Key West, now traditional. Overnight in motel almost in the center of Key West. Large evening walk on foot

13) THURSDAY.   Wake up 7:00 am. In the morning, completing the tour of Key West on foot or by renting a bike. Attractions: shops on Duval Street and sleepers, home of Hemingway, marvel at the Museum of Faro, etcetera. At lunchtime, or before leaving for the Everglades National Park, made famous also by many movies and series, and then return to Miami Beach, where it reaches the same motel for two nights before. Large evening drive around the exploration of South Beach, or around Miami, where part of the route in anticipation of the next day. 

Along the coast of Florida. The trip on the East Coast continued deepening of the area visit the Miami and Miami Beach and then rises along the Florida coast, passing through places such features as Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale to the Space Coast, where you can visit the famous Space Center at Cape Canaveral. Miami is a modern and wealthy city, of which one can not visit certain neighborhoods like CoMiami Beach vista dall'alto.ral Gables and Coconut Grove, plus the inevitable Financial District with its skyscrapers and the harbor. Do not miss the cherry on the cake of two cities: the Villa Vizcaya, with its luxurious furnishings, and the Venetian Pool, or "venetian pool" means a public pool of extraordinary beauty. Miami Beach is, above all, Ocean Drive, the road along the sea and is characterized by its art deco style buildings, including Versace's villa which is located in the most beautiful, as South Beach. Visited the nearby car and tranquil island of Key Biscayne, seat of the international tennis tournament: an island full of beautiful villas and a little 'outside the flow of mass tourism, but for this very interesting. First stage is moving up the coast of Fort Lauderdale, the "Venice of America", where the villas have the yacht instead of cars. The city is easily visited by car or bicycle. Next stage may Boca Raton, and then the city of Palm Beach, with its highly exclusive and elegant residential streets are ideal for shopping on the high board and welcome to a beautiful promenade. Further north you arrive at Cape Canaveral, the launch base of the Shuttle and the legendary Apollo missions that led the man on the moon. The center is a veritable open-air museum, where you can spend a whole day among the many attractions proposals, like a big amusement park.
14) FRIDAY.  Wake up 7:00 am. Day visit the city of Miami. In the morning visit the Miami center: you can park at the mall ideal for gifts Bayside Marketplace, visit walk along the port area, with the possibility of making a panoramic tour of the center with the Metromover, a modern subway which can take a little distant, possibly with the metro you can reach the Financial District, but you can also safely use the car. In the afternoon visit to Coral Gables and Coconut Grove neighborhoods. In particular, stop in to visit the beautiful Villa Vizcaya same name, and then to Douglas Road not to lose the Venetian Pool, Miracle Mile the road, the Biltmore Hotel, and so on. In the second afternoon walk in Coconut Grove Village, a center of shops accessible by subway. Overnight at the usual hotel in Miami Beach. If schedules permit, evening walk in Coconut Grove, where shops stay open until at least 23.
15) SATURDAY.  Wake up 7:00 am. Transfer day drive to the north with "flying steps" along the coast. After very quick photos on the fly to Miami Beach in the area of Ocean Drive and South Beach, and possible visit by car from the nearby island of Key Biscayne, depart for Fort Lauderdale, known as no coincidence "the Venice of America", where there even the beautiful Museum of Discovery and Science (near the intersection of Broeward Blv. and 3rd Av.) Extensive sightseeing by bike or train. In the afternoon shopping at Mizner Park in Boca Raton and in the evening transfer to Palm BeaUno Shuttle sulla rampa di lancio a Cape, about 70 km away, with quick visit by car or bicycle in the city and the mansions of the rich and famous. Overnight in a motel in Palm Beach.

16) SUNDAY.  Wake up 7:00 am. Transfer to the north, on the Space Coast and visit at least 6 hours at Kennedy Space Center, located in a beautiful natural setting. Visiting hours are from 9 am until dusk, the badge that you purchase at the entrance pass costs $ 44 if you choose the full tour of the launch pads Mercury, Gemini and Apollo, which is what we accept. On arrival at the space center agrees immediately to book tickets for the Kennedy Bus Tour (one departure every 15 minutes, 9,45-18 schedule, cost approximately $ 14 included in the badge pass complete). Numerous downtown attractions include museums with spacecraft that have made the history of astronautics, dramatic reconstructions and simulations of various kinds, films on big screens, the ubiquitous shopping gagdget characteristic and so on, all with an organization perfect. Overnight in a motel in Kissimme, a town near Orlando situated about 100 km from the space center.

Orlando and large parks. The voyage of discovery in Florida ends with the stage must for adults and children, of Orlando, which is important for the city itself, which can be safely ignored, but rather to the extraordinary concentration of large amusement parks that makes this area unique. The most famous is undoubtedly the park Walt Disney World, which actually includes a number of major theme parks. One is the Magic Kingdom, similar all'Eurodisney of Paris, but doubles in size. Another is the recent Animal Kingdom, thanks to technology amazes chilUn'immagine consueta nel Walt Disney World.dren with human figures and animals of extraordinary realism. Still another is Epcot, which is dedicated to the largest, with scale reproductions of the main countries of the globe and various attractions created with the latest technology. Three water parks where the restaurant at the end of the day complete the already extensive menu. No less interesting and fun to see the area of Orlando and Sea World, the largest marine park in the world that will surprise you with shows where animals become real actors involved. Of course, there sharks, with an unforgettable walk through a tunnel where you will be literally surrounded by these so feared predators. Another highly visited park is Universal Studios, with performances thrilling fun and explicit processing of films and TV series, it is larger and more flamboyant of the Disney-MGM studios, its direct competitors. Many other amusement parks and are not present in the Orlando area, including Wet 'n Wild, with its breathtaking roller coaster, however, also present at Sea World. The tranquil lake near Kissimme, night shows and folklore as well as a pair of curious buildings deliberately slanted - one is home to the famous museum of "oddities" Ripley's Believe It or Not - are just some of the additional attractions of the area.
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17) MONDAY. Wake up 7:00 am. Full day to visit a theme park of Walt Disney World. One would be the Magic Kingdom, but no less interesting are the futuristic Epcot Animal Kingdom for adults and for children. The schedule typical of Parks and 9-20, the price of $ 40 + 5 for parking. Usually requires a visit to a park the whole day, even during the low season. The evening at 21 or later there is always a laser light show or fireworks into the park itself. Ability to leave and reenter the park during the day. Overnight in Kissimme a motel.
18) TUESDAY.  Wake up 7:00 am. Possible rapid tour of the attraction Disney Discovery Island, which costs 13 U.S. dollars + 5 parking. Not later than the end of the morning and the rest of the day visiting the marine park SeaWorld (9-22 hours from May 29, or 9-19, USD 42 + 5 parking). The various performances take place at certain times of the day, so do not go to the park late morning. The evening good show with fireworks in the park itself. Do not miss the evening show (not the previous time) with the killer whales, because it is addressed to Americans, so it is more "true." Alternatively visit to another park in the area, such as Universal Studios and Wet 'n Wild. Overnight stay at the motel Kissimme.

New York, the "Big Apple". Our journey ends with a visit to New York, the most European (and Italian) among large U.S. cities included in our itinerary. The attacks of 11 September 2001 has deprived the tourists of one of the greatest attractions of New York, a visit to the giant shopping complex at the World Trade Center and climb the Twin Towers (from which one could admireNew York, la panoramica zona del Seaport. the whole city), places become now a tourist destination for another type of well. Things to see or do there anyway. The only way you can admire from the city now is to climb the Empire State Building, returned to be the tallest building in New York after the destruction of the Twin Towers. Most interesting things to see are almost all concentrated in the large and famous district of Manhattan. Do not miss the Central Park, the green lung of the city, which is adjacent to the American Museum of Natural History, the main museum of its kind in the world. Other museums are very interesting, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is the most typical Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum, which among other things allows you to visit a true American aircraft carrier after the war. One can also give up a walk to the scenic South Street Seaport, a pier with shops and various attractions, not far from the legendary Brooklyn Bridge. Other areas of Manhattan to visit indeed are the typical neighborhoods of Little Italy and Chinatown, but the Washington Square Park and Greenwich Village, not to mention the Theater District, famous for its theaters, and a series more specific attractions: Times Square, Wall Street, and so on. Typical is the shopping or at least walk up Fifth Avenue, the "fifth street", where there are shops, but also music megastore, electronics, books and more. A mall that is worth visiting, as well as what remains of the World Trade Center and Rockefeller Center. You can then see the Statue of Liberty, the neighborhoods of Queens, Brooklyn and Harlem, and not miss the night view of the entire city from aboard a boat. You still get an idea of these and many other things to see in New York visiting the excellent website
19) WEDNESDAY.  Wake up 7:00 am. Delivery of the car rental to the 'Orlando Hertz Off-AP "in Orlando, Florida. We then reach the airport with a special bus link. In the morning we travel by plane to New York: On departure from Orlando to the 11 am, arriving in one of the international airports of New York at around 14 hours (travel time approximately 2:40). At the terminal to catch a bus or subway to the hotel booked. E 'can buy the "Metro Card" ($ 15, 16 races), or better the unlimited Metro Card-weekly pass ($ 17). In the afternoon the visit starts in New York, and in particular of lower Manhattan: Little Italy neighborhood, starting from the nearby Washington Square Park Park and finally Greenwich Village neighborhood characteristic. Visit night, but now that there is no longer the World Trade Center would probably prefer to pursue in the day to get an idea of the city's famous Empire State Building tower, climb to the floor with panoramic ( cost $ 6, hours 9,30-23,30). Overnight in a hotel in the Theater District, Manhattan.
20) THURSDAY.   Wake up 7:00 am. Walking Tour, going to Wall Street, seat of the bag, the scenic South Street Seaport pier and its attractions, with subsequent possible by walking through the nearby Brooklyn Bridge. Possible visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art Please note that you move easily on the subway, a little 'as in Rome or Paris, and there is a note-card allows you to explore the unique attractions of the 5-6 major cities, including The Empire State Building and many important and beautiful museums (Metropolitan, Natural History, Intrepid, etc.) at a highly discounted price: you can buy at the entrance of any of these attractions, or sometimes with additional bulk discount from your hotel. Walk to Fifth Avenue, with stops at various stores. Dinner in the typical area of Chinatown. Evening visit to Times Square Theater District and extensive, both famous for their nightlife. Overnight at the hotel of the Theater District.
21) FRIDAY.  Wake up 7:00 am. Visit dell'Intrepid Sea Air-Space Museum (time 10-17), which requires a whole morning. Large walking tour through the city's largest park: Central Park. Visit the nearby and famous American Museum of Natural History (schedule 10-20,45), the largest science museum in the world, which houses, among many things, gigantic dinosaurs and enormous Hayden Planetarium. Alternatively, you can make a tour, organized in advance, the Statue of Liberty and the neighborhoods of Queens, Brooklyn and Harlem. Do not miss the boat trip at night, where you can have a striking view of the entire city, especially the skyscrapers of Manhattan. Overnight at the hotel of the Theater District.
22) SATURDAY. Wake up 7:00 am. In the morning (possibly with the luggage) visit to the giant mall Rockefeller Center and the immediate surroundings. Following that, if there's time, quick tour of the major department stores in New York, and that is Macy's. In the afternoon transfer to the airport by metro. Departure for London at around 18 and arrive at London at around 6 am Sunday, with a journey time of approximately 7 hours. Waiting for their plane to Italy, it is always desirable to "stand by" to check in for groped to catch a flight leaving before, of course, the same company, if one of these planes is also a vacancy at 'Last time, it will be possible to embark without paying surcharges. Arrival in Italy by early afternoon. Be necessary to retrieve the time zone.

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